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Hospital Beds and Bed Related Products

There are certain situations that require you to have a medical bed at home. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or illness, recovering from an injury or surgical procedure, or simply want to improve your comfort at home, a hospital bed can help. You’ll be able to adjust the areas of the sleep surface to meet your personal preference. This allows you to achieve the most comfortable positioning possible, which is critical when you’re in pain or recovering. There are various models to choose from, including manual, semi-electric, and electric medical beds. The model you choose will likely be determined by your individual needs.

Hospital Beds at Home

If you’re not sure when you should be considering investing in a hospital bed, we’re here to help. This is a worthwhile investment for those who will frequently need to adjust their sleep surface in order to get comfortable. You’ll be able to easily control an electric medical bed with a remote. No matter what angle or height you need, you’ll be able to adjust with the simple push of a button. The semi-electric models allow you to adjust the angles electronically, but you’ll need to utilize a manual crank for adjusting the height. As the name indicates, a manual model is controlled by a hand crank that requires a fair amount of labor. You should only invest in this type of hospital bed if you have the strength required to operate it or someone can assist you with it.

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