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Choosing a Walking Aid

There comes a time when you need a little more support in order to get around. Fortunately, there are several walking aid options available for this very reason. Whether you live with a disability or you’ve suffered an injury, choosing to invest in a walking aid can boost your quality of life as well as your overall confidence and independence. Most importantly, you’ll experience less pain when getting from point A to point B. At The Medical Store, we encourage our customers to consider their options for walking aids if they have mobility issues.

Whether you choose a cane, crutches, or a walker will depend on your individual mobility needs. Canes are ideal when you need support for your body weight to lighten to load on your legs and upper body. Crutches are a good choice for those who need to transfer the weight from the legs to the upper body. Walkers have four legs that offer maximum support and stability for those who need assistance walking and balancing. Here at The Medical Store, we carry a wide variety of walking aids. Visit us at one of our convenient locations in South Burlington or Berlin, VT today!

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